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    The Shared Journeys Parent Education & Support Program! Whether you are a new parent or a veteran, we provide information & resources for all. Click here!


    VIRTUAL WORKSHOPS!!! We are very excited to begin our virtual workshop schedule that will include topics in: parenting, demystifying disorders, behavior mgmt, the IEP, education and more!


    If you are looking for social skills playgroups for your child who is struggling with social, emotional or behavioral issues, contact us today!


    L.A.D. Consulting is a MOBILE company that provides a wide variety of services that include family development consulting, workshops, one to one intervention planning and more!


    Take a look at the responses from our satisfied clients and workshop participants!


    This month: "Calming the Struggle for Sleep" Thank you to our resident sleep expert, Jennifer Calladio-Nuzzo who shares a little of the research she's done in an effort to understanding her own sleep disorder.


                  VIRTUAL WORKSHOPS

Learning & support conveniently at your fingertips

L.A.D. Consulting is proud to be able to provide our interactive and engaging workshops for families and friends ONLINE! Similar to our face to face forums, each workshop covers topics in parenting, education, relationships, special needs, behavior management, and more.You will be able to interact with the facilitator in real time, share your thoughts and gain support from others in a virtual forum that is secure and private. Check below for upcoming dates and to get your invite!


RSVP : Managing the IEP process: Initiating, transitioning & exiting 


 Over the course of the year, we have received numerous calls and requests for social skills play groups for children with a wide range  of needs. L.A.D.'s Imagination Socials & Creative Learning Groups are designed to meet the needs of these students by bridging  common interests & friendship themes in a semi-structured environment. It is our goal to teach appropriate language and behavior  between peers that reduces the effect of these struggles while generalizing learned skills to different enviornments.
Program Details
Who: Children ages 4-6, 6-8; struggling with social deficits, struggling with barriers presented by poor socio-emotional or physical  regulation, ADHD, ASD, mild communication delays, Aspergers
HowDownload the application, scan and email to Jenni ( or fax (646.564.9290). You will receive confirmation of receipt. Please allow a minimum of 3 weeks for a response as we seek to match students by age and need for social groups.



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